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Holly Carr
Sustainable Designer-Maker

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Designer, pattern cutter, zero-waste practitioner, seamstress and founder of slow-fashion label - pocket. Specialising in the creative reuse of existing materials, Holly breathes new life into reclaimed treasures and is passionate about equipping others with the skills needed to give their own clothing another chapter of life.


Holly is a slow-fashion designer, pattern cutter and seamstress for her indie label - pocket.  ​She started working on pocket full-time in July 2019, after returning home from seven years living in New Zealand. While across the pond, she attained a Bachelor of Design in Fashion from Ara Institute of Canterbury, alongside working in the textiles sector of the industry.​ Upon returning to the UK, Holly felt a necessity to utilise her skillset as a seamstress to try out a different, slower approach to making & using clothing.  And thus, pocket was born.

Holly's passionate about making a positive impact within the realm of fashion and textiles, and feels strongly about working towards a more sustainable future in which we can experience better ethics, transparency and accountability. 

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